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The Total Percussionist:

A Quick Access Guide to Performance Techniques

Today's total percussionist is confronted with many technical challenges in modern and classical percussion literature.  The purpose of this book is to present fundamental technique information in a clear, concise way so students and teachers can overcome any challenges presented in their music.  Found throughout this book are technique explanations for the most commonly used percussion instruments accompanied by music applications for additional practice. These examples can be used effectively by individuals or groups.  Students and teachers alike will find this quick access resource valuable when presented with challenges in rehearsals and during individual practice.

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Manuscript Paper Notebook

The Manuscript Paper Notebook is a 8x10" notebook featuring 88 pages of blank sheet music on the right side, and 88 pages for note taking space on the left side. This is a great way to store your own compositions, lesson material, musical ideas, classroom notes and more. Each page features 10 blank staves.  
Measures 8x10 inches 
88 Pages of Music Manuscript Paper (right side) 
88 Pages of Note Taking (left side) 
For Music Instruction, Study & Songwriting 
Durable Matte Cover To Protect Your Book 
For All Instruments

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Musician's Practice Log

The Musician's Practice Log is a 100 page practice log to assist in more efficient practice sessions. It includes places to enter your short-term and long-term goals, lists for things to learn and things to improve, your personal notes, and a log to help you keep track of each practice session.  Practice logs can help you stay consistent and can provide a more efficient and productive practice session.  They help you stay on target with your goals, see weekly practice hours, useful for future reference, and they help you evaluate your progress.  You can continue to make consistent progress when you practice daily.  The more time you spend away from practicing, the more time you will need to spend reviewing to get back to where you were last.  Daily practice will give you the fastest results. The Musician's Practice Log is perfect for students, educators, and professionals.

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Drum Set Workbook

Gabriel Staznik's Drum Set Workbook (2015 Edition) is designed to provide students with exercises and additional resources to develop the skills used in today's professional performing and recording situations. This program of study will help develop coordination in conjunction with hand and foot techniques while covering a wide range of styles. Each chapter will include: • Topics to be discussed with your teacher in lessons • Method Books to further your course of study within each chapter (listed by difficulty, Levels 1-4) • Grooves to learn and memorize • Supplemental Materials for additional information and practice • Other Suggested Resources It is suggested to work through this workbook with a private teacher. It is not necessary to follow the material in any particular order and it may be tailored to each student's individual needs. Take note of the four levels suggested when considering additional method books. The grooves in each chapter should be practiced and memorized. There are countless amounts of grooves and variations that are available and appropriate for each style. The grooves provided are commonly known in those styles and are to be considered a starting point and may be used for reference. There are many of topics, suggested method books, and resources found throughout this workbook. Students should take their time and fully understand each concept before jumping around to different chapters. Your goal should be to sound authentic in each of the feels and styles when working through the concepts. Do your research, practice, and listen to the music in those styles to fully understand the feel and sound of that particular style of music. Be creative with your practicing and find additional ways to use and practice the material.

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